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In writing my biography I want to tell the plain and simple story of a life lived by someone who has humility oozing from every single one of his pores. I don’t want to aggrandize myself. I don’t want to write a piece that is completely overblown and meant for something as crass and commercial like trying to attract as many “hits” off the Internet as possible. I just want to relate what an everyday, down-to-earth kind of guy I am.

I was born and raised in Rochester, a modest city in upstate New York. The city has no great history like hosting a major battle in the American Revolution or the Civil War.

I spent the first fifteen years of my life like any young lad, playing baseball. However, no matter what my dreams, nothing ever evolved from that. It wasn’t like I was in three World Series and seven All-Star games. I experienced a normal puberty, with the usual rush of glands and those telltale signs of acne because, at that time, we did not have a miracle cream that removes all blemishes.

My parents were modest and middle class. They were nothing like those people born with enough money to last the rest of your life.

I then took my higher learning at Ithaca College, a--again I find myself using this word--modest seat of learning that didn’t have any wild college drinking and sex parties. My major was in both English and Theater, straightforward subjects that do not solve the mysteries of the ages.

I served time in the army in Germany. A very uneventful tour. There were no great battles like The Siege of Troy or The Sack of Carthage.

On leaving the service I moved to New York City with visions of having wild monkey sex with a different woman every night. Of course nothing like that occurred. It was a very quiet uneventful time. It’s not like I dated Princess Diana, or that I knew Mick Jagger and Pamela Anderson. To say that would be altogether silly.

I embarked on a career in professional theater where I was able to quickly gain technical training in the workings of the theatre and became a stage manager. I was not out in front of the bright lights, but worked in the dark, manipulating the actions. I was concerned with backstage operations, not involved in intrigues and sex scandals. There was no great glamour there; you couldn’t say I won several Tonys appearing in a number of Broadway smash hits.

I began to see where I could make more money, and moved into corporate presentations

A friend with a legal education said the thing to do was to form your own company, which gives a citizen the opportunity to grow your organizational chart as the business expands. The company has been successful for several decades.

I have two lovely daughters and two lovely grandchildren. I live in New Jersey, a state of great opportunity.

I recently started writing. Most of it has been science fiction and humorous. I have not as yet won a number of Nobel, Pulitzer, Campbell, Hugo, Locus, and Nebula awards. Nor have I received a commendation from the President.

Richard Herr
"Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story"  ~Mark Twain~