Richard Herr
  Speculative Fiction Writer


Invasion from Fred


Shift, vol. 1

Dog & Pony


Sample Pieces

(published in The Cynic)

Dog & Pony

Take Dilbert, send him on a Mission Improbable with a bunch of well-meaning elves, and you've got Dog & Pony.

Harry Chatham produces corporate presentations, known in the biz as dog and pony shows. His life is spent coping with rebellious employees, inefficient corporate clients, and sleazy competitors. Now he's got a new employee who seems to have extraordinary skills, and she's getting him involved with all sorts of extraordinary individuals, some of whom are bent on taking over the worlds. Yes, there's two of them. These individuals are launching things at him: bullets, green fireballs, curses, and enraged fire goddesses.

Richard Herr
"I hate magic!"