Richard Herr
  Speculative Fiction Writer


Invasion from Fred


Shift, vol. 1

Dog & Pony


Sample Pieces

(published in The Cynic)


CNN breaks the news: “Washington DC, including the Capitol and all government buildings, has risen ten feet off the ground”. The best minds in the nation struggle to figure out why. This poses a challenge in the town where ignorance is often referred to as intelligence. The President, who doesn’t know what CNN is, hires Lyle Markham to get to the bottom of the problem. He is continuously thwarted by The Vice President, a member of a previous administration who has been voted out of office but has remained in power as the fourth branch of the government.
Maxwell Fengard knows the reason for the elevation. He also knows it’s going to get worse.  


Richard Herr
"Washington DC had risen about ten feet"