Richard Herr
  Speculative Fiction Writer


Invasion from Fred


Shift, vol. 1

Dog & Pony


Sample Pieces

(published in The Cynic)

The Star Board Café

Spacers, the clientele of the Café, hold two things in disdain: the law and the truth. Their scorn of the law makes them dangerous to deal with. Their casual relationship with the truth makes them great storytellers.  Therefore the Star Board sponsors a yearly contest that pits its patrons against each other displaying their skills at creative history.

Each of the stories is narrated by the clientele of that interstellar bistro. Vardak struggles with the stewardship of the detestable human race. Diplomat hormonde de Mieneur manipulates peace between two races of a warring species. Harry Bishop has his Joy of Life sex-bot turn into a wife. Appearing in several of the stories is Xixius, a member of a bucolic race that has been designated too primitive for membership in the Amalgam. Despite this official sequestration, he shows up throughout the galaxy, exhibiting extraordinary skills and a hint of powerful technology far beyond the alleged abilities of his species.


Richard Herr
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